Gluten Free Stoli Vodka to Launch in April

A growing interest in gluten-free diets among health-conscious Americans has prompted the Russian maker of Stolichnaya vodka to add another drink to its menu.

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Gluten Free Stoli Vodka is set to launch in April.  It will be made from 88 percent corn and 12 percent buckwheat. Yay! Wait, free vodka?… Isn’t vodka gluten free already? Yes?!   So, why is Stoli putting so much effort in repackaging their vodka as “gluten free”?….market share.  So many companies are jumping on the gluten free bandwagon.  They want to get a piece of the growing gluten free trend and Gluten Free Stoli Vodka is just the latest brand looking to enter this growing market.  Food and beverage companies are now labeling items as gluten free that are always gluten free just to get in the special gluten free section of the grocery store. Why is there a gluten free label on packaged vegetables or lemonade? This is completely unnecessary and ridiculous.

We already know that food labeling in the United States is questionable best. Now companies are blatantly using “gluten free” as a gimmicky and trendy food label. Remember the Gluten Free Cheerios debacle? My advice? Do your own research before you put an item in your mouth; make sure that it really is gluten free. According to, “Unless gluten is added after distillation, all distilled alcohols are gluten free.”

If you ever question if any item really is gluten free, don’t buy it.  What are your thoughts on this?  Are you going to buy Gluten Free Stoli Vodka or stick to the regular version?

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Stoli Vodka to Launch in April

  1. Actually, most vodkas are not gluten free.

    They are supposed to be, but that’s rarely the case. Be sure to check the label, same for gin!

    Polish vodka Luksusowa is the only affordable gluten free vodka I can get in my area. Always do your homework if you’ve got an allergy…

    1. Hi Oriana! Thanks for the comment. It’s really weird that doesn’t know that. I always find out for myself too.

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