Sunscreen Reviews for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am serious about sunscreen. Why am I so serious? Both my great grandmother and mother were advocates for wearing sunscreen regularly.  My mother had very fair skin and would burn very easily, while my great grandmother loved the sun, but later had to deal with skin cancer lesions on her legs and face.  I learned that you shouldn’t wait for a sunny day to put on sunscreen after I  got very burned at a track meet in high school, on a cloudy day.  Why would I should I put on sunscreen on a cloudy day?  I was wrong.
Some people still don’t get how important it is though. For instance, my dad thinks that he doesn’t need to wear sunscreen unless it’s hot outside, as if the heat has something to do with a sunburn.  UGH….It’s a constant battle, met with eye rolls and griping.  He will never let me forget the day that he went into “Sam Fora” (how he pronounces Sephora….not sure why, but it makes us laugh) to get Shiseido sunscreen at my urging.  He was so “embarrassed” because I made him go into a “chick store” (wait… you’re telling me he never picked up feminine products for my mom at the drug store??).  To this day if I ask to pop into the closest Sephora he waits outside or goes for a walk, just so he doesn’t have to go in.  Men! What are you going to do?
Today sunscreen is one of the things that I never skip because I know that sun causes premature aging and skin damage.  I put it on before my morning dog walk, then again after my morning shower.  Do I go through a lot of it?  You bet, but I think it has made a huge difference in my skin. I get complements on my skin regularly, even from skincare professionals and dermatologists, so I feel I must be doing something right.
Got a boyfriend or husband?  They’re probably super picky like mine.  I have to do a lot of research to find sunscreens that even the most picky of husbands or dads can live with, but that won’t leave a white cast, feel too greasy or burn your eyes. 
One of my biggest resources is the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Sunscreen, I’ve been using this site as a research tool for many years.  It’s the only site I’ve found that gives you the real scoop on sunscreen, not like the sites the skin care lobby groups want you to know about.  So without further ado, below are my sunscreen reviews for 2017.  

Here are my favorite sunscreens that I use regularly:

  1. Supergoop! AcaiFusion Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30– I use this on my lips daily.  It smells great and it’s clear so it goes easily over your lipstick.
  2. Supergoop! Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 37– I use this daily as well over my regular eye cream.  I put it around the orbital area of my eye.
  3. Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40– I always have a small bottle of this hand cream in my handbag, just in case. It’s great to re-apply when you’re in the car.  I do not want sunspots on my hands.
  4. Algenist SUBLIME DEFENSE Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50– I have this on my face whenever I’m outside, even if it’s just to walk the dogs.  It does have physical sunscreens, zinc and titanium dioxide, but it doesn’t leave a white cast.  I also love this under make-up, it doesn’t interfere with the application and it doesn’t ball up.
  5. Colorescience Sunforgettable® Loose Mineral Sunscreen Brush Broad Spectrum SPF 50– This is great to have in your handbag when you’re on the go and cannot reapply liquid sunscreen to your face.  It doesn’t disrupt your make-up, it leaves a nice matte finish and it doesn’t cause break outs.
  6. Supergoop! CC Cream Daily Correct Broad Spectrum SPF 35+ Sunscreen– This is great for vacation or any other time you don’t want to put on full make-up, but you want a little bit of coverage.  It contains physical sunscreens, zinc and titanium dioxide, but it’s tinted so it doesn’t leave a white cast….even better, it tends to smooth out any imperfections.
  7. Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50– This is the only sunscreen that my husband will wear.  It doesn’t leave you feeling too greasy or too dry, but it does have a bit of moisture.  The only drawback is that you will need to reapply often or you might notice a bit of redness.
  8. Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 38 or 50– I have been using this one for years.  It works very well, so it’s great when you know that you won’t be able to reapply as much as you need to.  It does have it’s drawbacks….it leaves a white cast that will get worse when you reapply and/or go in the water.  Also, when you go into water, you’ll notice that the water beads up on your skin.   If you’re more worried about how you look, than the effectiveness of your sunscreen, then this might not be the right sunscreen for you, especially at the beach or pool. 

Check out my latest video below for the full details and Trixie (my miniature pinscher) also joins me.

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