7 Top Tips for Branding Yourself Online

Branding Yourself Online

If you have ever tried to have a conversation about branding yourself online, it can seem like a difficult and daunting thing. But don’t let that scare you away! There are simple and easy ways to improve your online image.

Start today by using these seven tricks to build a strong persona on the web. Then, in no time you will see improvement in your audience response and brand positioning.

1. Decide What Label to Choose for Yourself

Before you can establish yourself online, you have to decide what you want to brand yourself as. Are you a student? A copywriter? A tutor? A consultant?

It’s possible that you are all of these things. But, you need to narrow it down to what labels are the most important.

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When someone comes across your profile online, the first thing they are going to ask themselves is, “Who is this person?” Stating the answer to that right on your home page is the best way to be sure you are the only one defining you.

As you continue to work on new projects, the labels you want to use may change. You can always go back and make edits. But for now, choose what to brand yourself as and make it your own.

2. Pick One Photo to Represent Your Brand

Being consistent when you are branding yourself online is very important. You want people to be able to recognize you. That is why it is really important to have a photo.

Choose just one professional headshot that you has been taken of you and use it for everything. If you have never had a professional photo taken, then you should begin to look for a photographer today. Use a backdrop that is neutral or natural to keep things looking professional.

In a way, this photo will function as your logo. People will look for it when they want to identify you. By using the same photo across all social networks, you can create a consistent personal brand in one easy step.

3. Write 3 Different Bios, Then Choose

Now that you defined your brand, you need to get the message out. Take some time to write down a very general, rough-draft of what you want your bio to say.

From that draft, you will have seeds to write three different bios.


One of the best channels to spread a message is Twitter. Bios used on this site must be 160 characters or less. You should feel free to tie this bio to your business’ Twitter page and use any relevant hashtags.


LinkedIn has become an important way for people to verify someone’s status as a professional. If you have not yet made a LinkedIn profile, you should get one now.

When you are writing your bio for LinkedIn you need to be more professional with your tone. Within reason, you can make it as long or as short as you like. But, be sure to get the point across about your experience, professional background, and goals for the future.

Your CV

Lastly, you will need a short bio to use on your CV or whenever an application asks you to jot down a few lines about yourself. This is a form of an elevator pitch.

Make sure you get to the point in a hurry and communicate what makes you unique.

No matter what you write in your bios, just make sure that you stay consistent. You should tell your audience the same thing about your brand on every platform. You just need to use a slightly different voice based on what social network you are using.

4. Buy Your Domain

If you don’t yet own your name online, you should buy it now. Branding yourself online is all about creating the right image, and having the rights to your domain is a big part of doing that.

One of the easiest ways to buy your domain name is to go to GoDaddy. Type in your full name to see if it is still available. If it isn’t you can try using a middle initial. Or, you could try putting the word ‘the’ in front of your name.

Whatever you are able to get, you should use consistently. Make it the same name that you use for your Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, Gmail address, and any other social media network you are using.

5. Show the World Your Expertise

Everything written on the internet is not true, and most people will know that you are trying to brand yourself online. Some may just believe you, but many will want evidence.

The best way to show that you are an expert in your realm is to talk about it. Write often about the field you are in and find interesting topics to discuss with your audience.

You can also create videos for your site visitors or share slide shows with them. Anything you can do to grab your audience’s attention and demonstrate your expertise should be done.

6. Make Sure You Google Yourself

Before you start branding yourself online, you need to check out where you stand currently. Eventually, someone looking for your website is going to Google your name and you should know what will come up.

One thing to note is that many people created Google+ profiles and never used them. Any place your bio is blank can raise flags for your credibility. Just put one of the bios you wrote on it, add a photo, and share the occasional blog post from your website on your Google+ page.

7. Connect With Your Audience

Spread your brand’s message through all the content you share and every interaction you have online. Continue to build an audience as you work with others.

Be consistent in your messaging and share your expertise with your audience. Then you will have the online presence you desire.

More Tips for Branding Yourself Online

Branding yourself online is all about being consistent and knowing what your audience needs to hear. By sharing your expertise and using the same keywords in your bios you can begin to craft an online following.

If you need a photo taken for your online profile, contact us today.

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