Looking inwards to become aware of our own limiting beliefs can be very difficult. Often times people may not be aware of their limiting beliefs until it is the one thing standing between them and a successful business. When our thoughts directly impact our income, it’s time to really dig in and find out how changing these thoughts will change the trajectory of our lives and our businesses.

One common limiting belief is that you dont deserve a seat at the table or to have your voice heard. Many unqualified people are getting attention and recognition because they’re willing to put themselves out there with much less authority and experience than you. You need to stop being overly obsessed with what people might think and start sharing your expertise!

Another prevalent issue is trusting fellow professionals. You will never be able to scale your personal brand or your business unless you let go and stop micromanaging. You cannot do and know everything all by yourself. The sooner you let go of micromanaging every employee or contractor, the sooner they can do their jobs, and your business can start making real progress!

Finally, dont get caught in the limiting belief that working on your personal brand is some slimy sales tactic. If you are doing personal branding right, it is not bragging. You are not self-promoting. You are sharing information that ultimately helps people and adds value to their lives or business.

Going back to a previous podcast that I did, you will do well with personal branding if you have altruism in your heart. I am speaking directly to you. If you are standing in your way and have limiting beliefs and think you don’t deserve to be there or worry about what other people might think, just help someone.

Help someone with your knowledge and experience, which will help you get unstuck. Remember, you will not be able to help anyone if you don’t actually share information.

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