Learn how to be passionate and authentic about your personal brand. Nikki and Michelle of ELAVI discuss how their personal brand set them apart from their competition. They share tips about transparency, best practices for growing a successful business, and a personal brand. They are two friends with a shared vision: to help fuel go-getters who know health is all about balance.

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About Michelle & Nikki

Michelle Razavi and Nikki Elliot, Michelle and Nikki are the founders of Elavi, a modern wellness company, reinventing nutrition and re reinventing nutrition for energy and longevity as certified fitness trainers with backgrounds in integrative wellness and performance sports, their approach to food is both functional and holistic.

Their formulation process is rooted in prioritizing tastes without compromising on ingredients designed to help your body thrive daily. Their mission is to promote wellness, resilience, and feeling unstoppable to their community of go-getters.

Other places to find them

Instagram: @heyelavi

TikTok: @heyelavi

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