Today I talk with Dr. Micheal Gerharz about mastering communication using the clarity code and how clear communication is crucial to building a powerful personal brand.

We explore the reasons why our messaging doesn’t always come across the way we intend it to and how the ego can get in the way of clear communication. Dr. Gerharz also offers some simple tips to bridge the communication gap.

Dr. Michael Gerharz helps leaders crack the clarity code to get the impact and influence they deserve. He is the author of the week-daily blog “The Art of Communicating” and publishes the “Leaders Light the Path” podcast. Dr. Michael Gerharz has a Ph.D. in Communication Systems and he is a passionate guitarist. At the intersection of highly structured thinking and the pure joy for creative expression, he makes you separate the signal from the noise and express it in a way that’s true to who you are. His book “The Aha Effect” (available in German) teaches us why we shouldn’t stop at wowing our audience but need to take them to a profound aha effect.

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