Is your personal brand strategy in alignment with your sales strategy? Find how you can create consistency and authenticity that will develop trust with your target audience. With so many options on the market today even the smallest hint of inconsistency can drive your ideal customer to your competition. You will also learn the 4 golden words that will subconsciously make your sales pitch more effective!

We also discuss how marketing and sales go together and three tips for improving sales. These are all great action items for anyone who is working to improve their business through their personal brand and self-improvement. 

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About Guest

Merit Kahn is the CEO of SELLect Sales Development, Emotional Intelligence Expert, and Certified Speaking Professional.

She has 20+ years of experience working with salespeople, entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders.

You can connect with Merit at:

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About Claire Bahn

Claire Bahn is the CEO and Founder of Claire Bahn Group. For over ten years, she has been helping high-achieving CEOs, executives, investors, and founders maximize their authority and influence to accelerate business growth and gain the recognition they deserve.

As an entrepreneur and influencer with over 80k+ followers, she learned the importance of creating and curating a personal brand that magnetizes opportunities and boosts visibility. Her mission is to help others leverage their personal brand to develop the authority, influence, and trust they need to exceed their career and life goals.

She’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis, MarketWatch, and Ticker Australia, to name just a few.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two adorable miniature pinschers named Beau and Trixie.

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