How to Make The Perfect Frittata

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I used to think that Frittatas were elaborate and difficult to make, but they're not.  I've always loved Spanish Tortillas or Spanish Omelets, which is very similar to a Frittata.  Since I haven't found a Spanish restaurant in Los Angeles that I love as much as my favorites in New York, I decided do make sure my had all of the fixings that I love in a Spanish Tortilla. I love to add cheese, bacon, spinach and potatoes so it's much like a hearty Sunday breakfast in one dish and best of all it's gluten free!! It only takes a 20 minutes or so to prepare before cooking, then you assemble it and stick it in the oven and the magic begins. It is a great go to when you're having a large number of guests to your house for a Saturday or Sunday brunch. You can make everything ahead of time and when guests start arriving, just put them in the oven and it will be hot and ready to eat in about 20-30 minutes. A cast iron skillet is key to making sure that your frittata turns out correctly. If you don't already have one, here is a...Read More
How to Make a Latte

How to Make a Latte

I posted a photo of my morning latte last week on Instagram and received several comments asking for tips on how to make a latte.   So, I decided to do a How To live on Periscope Thursday at 11am.  I posted that I would be doing it on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me so that you don't miss any of my live Periscopes in the future.  Now you can learn how to make a latte for your self and a "Frothy and Fabulous" one at that!    You can find my Periscope (@gfavenger) How to Make a Frothy and Fabulous Latte below or here's the link to view it on YouTube:
cheesy bacon grits

Cheesy Bacon Grits

It's National Grits for Breakfast Day, so I'm making Cheesy Bacon Grits.   I love grits!   Whether it's yellow corn grits or white corn grits, sweet or savory they are amazing for pretty much any meal. Usually when I have them for breakfast I have them with a little bit of butter and brown sugar, but for this holiday I decided to kick it up a notch and add some cheese and bacon to make it undeniably awesome. Please check out this week’s Gluten Free Avenger Episode 25: Cheesy Bacon Grits, you can click below to start viewing or use this link ( Please scroll below to see the full recipe.   Cheesy Bacon Grits 1 ½ cups milk1 ½ cups water3 tablespoons butter1/2 teaspoons salt¾ cup quick grits (not instant)to garnish: cheese (fried eggs, chopped crisp bacon) Bring first four ingredients to a boil over medium-high heat in a heavy saucepan.Slowly add the grits, stirring constantly until smooth.Turn the heat down to medium-low, cover pan, and cook for about 6 minutes, or until smooth, stirring several times.Serve with bacon and cheese.  
National Waffle Day

It’s National Waffle Day! How about Gluten Free Almond Waffles?

It's National Waffle Day, so how about some Gluten Free Almond Waffles?  I must admit that I didn't remember that it was National Waffle Day today until this morning.  Once I realized, I knew that I had to make waffles. Thank goodness my grandmother gave me a Belgian waffle maker years ago. I do love it when my family remembers is how much I love to bake and cook.  So I whipped up some delicious waffles but modifying my almond blueberry pancakes recipe to make these waffles. The recipe is below and because I didn't have a lot time, there is no accompanying video but I did take plenty of photos. So if you find this a little too late to make breakfast today, you can always have waffles for lunch or dinner.   Please let me know if you end up making these.   I hope you have a wonderful National Waffle Day! XO, Claire- The Gluten Free Avenger Gluten Free Almond Waffles 2 eggs1 teaspoon vanilla½ teaspoon almond extract2/3 cup milk or unsweetened almond milk2 tablespoons melted butter or vegetable oil1/2 tablespoon sugar2/3 cup all purpose gluten free flour1 cup almond meal1 teaspoon baking powder¼ teaspoon saltcooking spray for waffle ironButter...Read More
Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos

I love breakfast, as you may have guessed by now. I love to make breakfast tacos when I'm having people over and I want something that super delicious but is really fast and easy to make. You can prep a lot of this before hand and just throw it together really quickly so it's hot for presentation.  That way you can hang out with your guests and not be sitting over a stove for hours. You can serve these with fresh juice or a Mamosa's. I always find them to be an amazing crowd pleaser. I got my inspiration from a restaurant in Austin that are used to go to all the time in college called Kirby Lane and their "Kirby Scramble".  It was kind of a kitchen sink of scrambled eggs.   You can put whatever you love to have in your scrambled eggs. I like to add onions, peppers and bacon but home fries would be an amazing addition. And as with all of my Mexican food, I always have corn tortillas. Good thing I always liked corn tortillas more than flour tortillas.  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Please take a second and give...Read More