revamp your desk

Simple Ways to Revamp Your Desk

On today's blog I am sharing some photos and video of how to revamp your desk. My desk is located in my bedroom and I often work from home and this is where I do it. My desk was very functional and utilitarian and had no pretty spaces. I decided that it was really hindering my creativity and free-flowing thoughts and I wanted to make a change.    The Simple 3 Step Plan to Revamp Your Desk De-clutter- remove all unnecessary items off the desk and move papers and files to a filing cabinet. Cable Management- get a cord/ cable keeper and use zip ties to organize the cables behind the desk. Add Inspiring Pieces- What's inspiring to me, may not be inspiring to you.  Find what makes you happy, you can often find these items in other areas of your house, like I did.   The desk is actually from IKEA, I purchased it four years ago and it has served me very well.  I also worked for quite a while to manage the cords and cables behind the desk. As you can see from the before picture and the after picture it made such a huge difference. I...Read More