Powerful Personal Brand Podcast with Claire Bahn

Hacking your Personal Brand for Visibility & Authority

Powerful Personal Brand, claire bahn

Ever wish someone would just “cut to the chase” and answer some practical questions about what it takes to build a powerful personal brand that gets results?

Not just the academic theory or fake fundamentals but the real-world stuff for people without a trust fund? That’s why we created the Powerful Personal Brand Podcast.

Hi! I’m Claire Bahn, I’ve started and built 4 different companies over the last decade. Along the way I’ve learned a thing or two …not just about being a founder but how a powerful personal brand raises your visibility, builds authority, trust, and influence, draws opportunities directly to you, and actually benefits your business far more than traditional marketing.

As traditional marketing, advertising and PR seems to fade on their own, a strong personal brand has incredible implications not only for you but for your company. Now consumers want a connection to the brands they engage with or buy from.

Your personal brand helps you connect to these consumers, investors and colleagues in ways that directly affect and elevate your business.

I’m going to share what I’ve learned and the tactical steps I wish someone had told me when I was building my personal brand. My guests and I dissect the ins and outs of building your personal brand and leveraging your personal brand to get the visibility, opportunities, speaking engagements and, yes, the influence in your industry you deserve.

Join me and my guests while we share tactical and practical advice you can start using today to boost your business to the next level and beyond. No BS, just the right stuff. Join us for the Powerful Personal Brand Podcast

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