Gluten Free Avenger to Launch in 2015

Gluten Free Avenger- A new gluten free food series, that focuses on the gluten free lifestyle, is set to launch in 2015. Gluten Free Avenger, brought to you by producers Scott Murphy and Christine O’Connell of MO Productions, breaks the mold of gluten free cooking shows by focusing what it means to be gluten free. The show focuses on the lifestyle of someone that’s gluten free. “We want the show to be a source of knowledge on what it means to be gluten free, from favorite eateries, gluten free recipes and reviews of new gluten free foods,” says O’Connell. Gluten Free Avenger will be hosted by gluten free foodie and lifestyle devotee, Claire Bahn. “We are so glad to have Claire hosting this new series. She not only has a great personality but she lives a gluten-free lifestyle and brings a great perspective to the show that we really think will resonate with viewers. With Claire on board, it really is a collaborative effort,” says Murphy. Claire Bahn says, “This is such a great opportunity to get behind something I feel very passionate about. Scott and Christine are such a pleasure to work with and really help me bring my...Read More