It's time to elevate your personal brand to align your visibility and notoriety with your expertise.

Our Personal Brand Concierge Program was built for high achieving entrepreneurs, investors, founders and executives just like you.

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  • Do you ever wonder why your industry colleagues always seem to have press interviews and amazing opportunities coming directly to them?
  • It's time to stop letting your colleagues and competitors get the attention, notoriety, deals and opportunities you deserve and become the industry leader you were meant to be.

We work with the most elite in their industry to solidify their personal brands to make them dominant industry leaders.

You know that if you built your personal brand you would be able to distinguish yourself in your industry, BUT.....

  • You don't know where to start
  • You don't have the time to do it yourself

You're in the driver's seat and it's time to take control of your narrative and build a personal brand you're proud of that will bring the opportunities you're looking for.

Rave Reviews

"Claire has done an amazing job in helping me define who I am and my brand online...I now have the industry recognition I was looking for with speaking opportunities, deal flow, and press interviews."

Jonathan Hung, Angel Investor

"[Claire and her team] work on a very tactical level...I've seen a lot of benefits, from being able to extend my reach in thought leadership to the various business opportunities that have come my way, which would not have happened if I didn't have this unique type of outreach."

Jay Sung, Chief Marketing Officer and Operating Partner at Brentwood Associates

"Claire and her team are great to work with. They are very involved from beginning to end with their clients. They helped me develop a presence in a very niche industry. I look forward to working with them on projects in the future - they are my "go-to" team."

Tracy marion

Tracy A. Marion, Chief Investment Officer

"You think you know about branding, but it doesn't end...That's why I want to keep working with Claire to make [my brand] better and better."

Dale DeSteno, Business Executive

Dale Desteno

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About Claire

The big question on my client's minds is how can I help them become a dominant authority and become known as the expert in their space?

Many clients are confused about their lack of industry recognition despite their success.

Over the last 15 years, I have helped thousands of executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and founders gain authority and recognition in their industry to solidify their careers, get funding, and increase revenue.

As an influencer with over 100k followers across my social media channels, I have learned the importance of creating and maintaining a great personal brand.

Over the last 15 years, I have perfected my comprehensive multi-channel personal branding strategy, and I want to share my expertise with you.

Now you can be recognized for your expertise and have industry leaders, followers, and journalists coming directly to you.

Our Personal Brand Concierge Service Includes:

  • Podcast Production and Syndication

We will produce, manage, syndicate, and schedule guests for your very own podcast. Your podcast will be syndicated across several networks including Spotify, Apple Podcasts.

  • Podcast Guesting

Our public relations team will actively work to schedule you as an expert guest on top podcasts. Giving you the ability to get in front of new audiences while also increasing your expert authority.

  • Public Relations

Press kit creation. Coordination and screening of media placements, speaking engagements, and interview requests for podcasts and other mediums.

  • Personal Branding Photoshoot

Your professional photographer will create a range of photos to showcase with your personal brand for your website and social media.

  • Wardrobe styling

You will work with our highly acclaimed wardrobe stylist to showcase your brand through your wardrobe.

  • Video Production

Videos are the #1 way to get noticed right now. We will record and produce monthly dynamic videos with pre and post-production services.

  • Ghost Writing

Google indexed articles written for you, that promote your expertise. All articles will have focused, optimized messaging and keywording for maximum exposure to your audience and will be syndicated across multiple platforms.

  • Personalized Strategy

Personalized strategy just for you, one-size-fits-all doesn't work. We will analyze your competitors, target market to create a consistent messaging strategy, boost visibility, celebrity, promote your brand and partnerships.

  • Social Media Management

Content creation, distribution across platforms, audience acquisition, post crosslinking, and messaging for maximum impact, engagement, and outreach.

  • Website Management

Manage your foundational website. Including, posting content, cross linking, keywording and Google indexing for better search visibility.

Rave Reviews

"I thought I was doing well managing my personal brand on my own, until I highered Claire Bahn Group. I was impressed by the improvements Claire and her team were able to make in just a couple months."

Natalie Barber

"I love what Claire and her team did for my personal brand. I've hired "branding experts" before, but only Claire focused on my whole online presence. I now have clients coming to me!"

Business Executive, Jenn Gainey

"The past year really shed light on the need to build my personal brand. I always relied heavily on in person events to gain visibility in my industry. Thanks to Claire that is no longer the case."

Jason Shay

We work with the most elite in their industry to solidify their personal brand to make them dominant industry leaders. If that's you, apply here.

Today, you can begin to create a winning personal brand or you will continue to be frustrated with the success and recognition of others.

There is a cost to your inaction:

  • Lost opportunities.
  • Constantly struggling to find new business deals.
  • Missing out on press interviews.
  • Being under recognized for your expertise and accomplishments.

If you’re finally ready to build the authority you deserve, a personal brand you can be proud of, and get recognition for your expertise get started now.

You're too busy to build your brand alone. Let the experts help.