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It's Time To Invest In Yourself!

Get industry recognition, career opportunities, client leads, speaking engagements, and press by building a powerful personal brand.



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It's Time To Invest In Yourself!

Get industry recognition, career opportunities, client leads, speaking engagements, and press by building a powerful personal brand.


You see the impact a powerful personal brand has on others.

But, you're not sure where to start.

Do you want this year to be like the last, or is it time to make a change?

You want industry recognition, career opportunities, more leads, speaking engagements & press…

But you want to do it right. You want everything set up and ready to go so you can start creating content that makes an impact.

You want to be remembered, not just noticed!

So, what is the ROI of a Great Personal Brand?

Based on our experience and that of our clients. Here are just a few of the results of a solid personal brand.

  • Career Advancement and Promotions
  • Industry Recognition
  • Job Offers
  • Lead Generation and Sales
  • Startup Funding
  • Influencer Offers
  • Business Opportunities
  • Consulting Gigs
  • Board Seats
  • Paid Speaking Engagements
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Journalist Interviews

Hello, I’m Claire, 

I’m a personal brand strategist and the CEO of the Claire Bahn Group.  For 15 years, I have been helping CEOs and executives build compelling personal brands to increase their thought leadership, visibility, and authority. 

I cut my teeth working for Fortune 500 companies in New York City. I started to develop my own brand strategy that could be used to brand people to increase their visibility, and the Claire Bahn Group was born.

Over the last 15 years, I built a reputation for being one of the best personal brand agencies in the world. Until now, only CEOs and high-level executives could afford our personal branding services. 

But I’ve seen the impact a great personal brand can have. 

This is why I created the JumpStart Program, to help consultants, job seekers, middle management, entrepreneurs, and coaches just like you.

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Claire has done an amazing job in helping me define who I am and my brand online...I now have the industry recognition I was looking for with speaking opportunities, deal flow, and press interviews.

— Jonathan Hung- Angel Investor

Jonathan Hung


The JumpStart Program is designed for consultants, job seekers, middle management, entrepreneurs and executives who want Claire Bahn Group (CBG) to design, create, and launch the foundation of their personal brand. Once we're done, all you need to do is create the content and engage with your growing audience. 

You’ll walk away with:

  • Bespoke personal brand that is uniquely yours.
  • Expertly curated social media profiles
  • Custom branding package
  • Proven strategy to build your personal brand.
  • Access to our Fast Track training site with over 25+ hours of in-depth training.

"Claire and her team are great to work with. They are very involved from beginning to end with their clients. They helped me develop a presence in a very niche industry. I look forward to working with them on projects in the future - they are my "go-to" team."

— Tracy A. Marion, Chief Investment Officer

Tracy marion

The JumpStart Program Delivers

Elevate Your Personal Brand with Our Core Program:

  • Bespoke "look & feel" for your brand from professional designers collaborating directly with you.
  • Expertly designed social media profiles that catch people's attention just the right way.
  • Professionally designed social media templates to share across your profiles.
  • Custom branding package including logo, colors, and font.
  • Professional photo shoot to exacting specifications.
  • Comprehensive wardrobe styling to enhance your personal brand image.
  • A custom and fully SEOed website with blog templates so you can start creating blogs and articles.
  • An illuminating custom biography showcasing your expertise for your website and social media.

Next-Level Strategies to Continue Your Trajectory:

  • A proven strategy and roadmap to build your executive/personal brand.
  • Access to our FastTrack training site, a self-paced course with over 25+ hours of in-depth training. Enabling you to build upon your new personal brand foundation.

Here's what the experts are saying

77% of consumers are more likely to buy when the leadership of a business uses social media.

85% of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals say an employee's online reputation influences their hiring decisions.

82% of people are more likely to trust a company when their senior executives are active on social media.

59% of people believe that a personal brand is important in deciding whether to purchase a product or service.

60% of people believe that a CEO’s personal brand is more important than the company’s brand,

95% of recruiters believe the job market will remain or become more competitive. If you don't stand out online, your competition will.

Total Value $8,997

Regular Price $5,999

Today’s Price Only $3,300 USD or three payments of $1,200 USD

(one-time charge includes lifetime access to the FastTrack Program)

What Other Experts Are Saying

"The JumpStart Program was a transformative experience for my personal brand. As someone who struggled with the nuances of branding, having experts take the reins was a relief. The program's focus on creating a cohesive and striking online identity opened new doors for me professionally."

- Deborah Monroe- Business Executive

"The CBG team meticulously crafted my brand from the ground up, highlighting my unique skills and experiences in a compelling way. Their approach was thorough – from designing my website to curating my social media presence, every detail was handled with professionalism and creativity.

- Margaret Murphy- Accountant

Reyansh Agarwal

"I'm so happy with how my influence has increased in my industry. Just like Claire said, I have so many opportunities coming my way; I can now be selective."

- Reyansh Agarwal- Product Manager

"The increase in networking opportunities and job offers I received was a direct result of their exceptional work. The JumpStart Program didn't just give me a brand; it gave me a standout identity that truly represents my professional aspirations and personality."

- David Smith- Business Executive

"The JumpStart Program was a pivotal moment in my professional journey. As someone who struggled with personal branding, the 'done for you' approach was exactly what I needed. The experts took the time to understand my unique strengths and help me build a brand I'm proud of."

- Nancy Cartwright- Business Coach

Your Questions Answered

Who is this program for?

This program is for consultants, job seekers, middle management, entrepreneurs, and executives who are ready to take control of their online image and take their brand to the next level.

How much time does it take to complete?

The completion timeline depends on your collaboration and timely response. If you respond to our queries and requests for feedback in a timely manner the JumpStart program will take about 5-6 weeks to complete.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the collaborative nature and regular deliverables, we do not offer refunds.

"I couldn't understand how my peers were singled out for their expertise when I had so much more experience. I never thought about promoting myself and my brand. Once I started working with Claire, I was finally able to turn the tide in my favor.

— Rosie Sanchez- Business Executive

Rosie Sanchez

It’s time for you to stop being ‘one of many’...

 …in a sea of online experts that all look and sound exactly alike,

and start showing up as the trusted leader in your industry that you already are, so that career opportunities, more leads, speaking engagements & press come to you organically.


How much longer will you let your dream opportunities go to someone else (less qualified) because they’re showing up online in the way that you could be?

*The completion timeline depends on your collaboration and timely response.