Claire Bahn is a personal branding expert and the CEO and Co-Founder of Claire Bahn Group. She has helped thousands create their best personal brand for over 10 years. As an influencer with over 70k followers on social media, she has learned the importance of creating and maintaining a great personal brand. She wants to help you leverage your personal brand to develop the authority, influence, and trust you need to exceed your business goals.

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"Claire has done an amazing job in helping me define who I am and my brand online...I now have the industry recognition I was looking for with speaking opportunities, deal flow, and press interviews."

Jonathan Hung, Angel Investor

"[Claire and her team] work on a very tactical level...I've seen a lot of benefits, from being able to extend my reach in thought leadership to the various business opportunities that have come my way, which would not have happened if I didn't have this unique type of outreach."

Jay Sung, Chief Marketing Officer and Operating Partner at Brentwood Associates

"You will find value in [the Personal Branding Fast Track] program, no matter what, I promise you that."

Dale DeSteno, Business Executive

"Claire and her team are great to work with. They are very involved from beginning to end with their clients. They helped me develop a presence in a very niche industry. I look forward to working with them on projects in the future - they are my "go-to" team."

Tracy marion

Tracy A. Marion, Chief Investment Officer

"Claire provided great insight on how to brand your business and did it in a fun and informative way. She helped me establish my business goals and figure out ways to achieve them. I highly recommend her seminar!"

Claire Wexler, Dating Coach

Claire Wexler

"Claire knows what she’s talking about, period. If you’re looking to start a personal brand and are lost as to how to do so, track her down before you do anything else!"

Harry Thomas

"I would definitely take her Fast-track course if you really want to build your Personal Brand because Claire really knows what she is talking about and she is very kind and detail-oriented. She also provides lots of additional outside resources and simple steps you can do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Super motivating as well!"

Lindsey Marie Barber

"Amazing in her craft. I love her live videos, she provides lots of value. Helped me gain some clarity about my target market. Looking forward to learning more from Claire on mastering my brand."

Vanita Baugh

"I love what Claire and her team at Claire Bahn Group did for my personal brand. I've hired "branding experts" before, but only Claire focused on my whole online presence. I now have clients coming to me!"

Jenn Gainey

"2020 really shed light on the need to build my personal brand. I always relied heavily on in person events to gain visibility in my industry. Thanks to Claire that is no longer the case."

Jason Shay

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