How Do People Make Money On Youtube? 2021 Edition

How Do People Make Money On Youtube? 2021

How do people make money on YouTube in 2020, and is anything going to change next year? With the way the world is right now, I’m willing to bet that YouTube will roll out some huge features in 2021. With Tik Tok hitting 800 million downloads since last year and Instagram’s smorgasbord of new features (Reels, Guides, and SEO […]

How To Build a Personal Brand YouTube Channel

How To Build Personal Brand YouTube Channel

I started a brand YouTube channel in 2015 called Gluten-Free Avenger.  This was before gluten became mainstream, but it was also around the time that Marvel’s Avengers films were at their peak. So I was preemptively setting myself up for success.  Or so I thought.  I was in on a trend before it was “cool,” and I […]