7 Ways to Profit from Your Personal Brand

monetizing your personal brand

How do you know when to start monetizing your personal brand? Here’s your first clue: You’ve built a decent-sized audience. However, that’s not all it takes. You also want to build your authority and trust with your audience by establishing yourself as a thought leader. You do this by focusing on answering your audience’s challenges […]

What is the ROI of a Strong Personal Brand?

Personal Brand ROI

Your personal brand ROI is vital in this internet-driven work culture; the importance of building a solid personal brand cannot, and should not, be understated. A personal brand is a collection of your skills and values. It reflects how you would like to present yourself to the corporate world. The closer you generate this perception […]

What is the Value of Your Personal Brand?

value of your personal brand

The value of your personal brand is based on one thing: how much you’re willing to commit to it. Having an online presence isn’t easy— in fact, it can be downright exhausting. Let me explain. According to Label Insight, “94% of people claim they are more loyal to a brand that is completely transparent.” We […]

Do CEOs need their own personal brand? 5 Tips for Executive Branding

executive branding

Executive branding involves developing a personal brand for CEOs and established executives or business owners. The goal for this type of branding is to get the CEO of a company to the forefront in order to leverage more revenue under the owner’s image and online presence. This type of branding is a little bit more […]