The Ultimate Personal Brand Messaging Guide For CEOs and Founders


The digital marketplace is becoming more congested with new startups every day. Knowing how to leverage your brand messaging is the only way for your company to stand out.  You may have a groundbreaking product or service that you’re eager to share with the consumer world. Still, the likelihood of your brand leaving an impression […]

Twitter Marketing Tips for Personal Brands


A year ago, I never would have thought I would be writing this blog. I hated marketing on Twitter. Instagram has always been my safe haven, and it makes social media marketing look easy.  For anyone with a personal brand, Instagram seems like the best place to start. Stories help you create more intimate conversations with your […]

How To Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation


Last month, we went over the basics of lead generation. You need it for your personal brand as much as you need it for a business-facing company. Social media is a big part of that strategy, which is why today we’re talking specifically about how to use LinkedIn for lead generation.  When you’re targeting consumers with […]

What is Lead Generation? A Beginner’s Guide


What is lead generation? It’s the one piece of content that actually indicates whether or not your audience is willing to buy from you.  In today’s market, consumers trust personal brands more than they trust company brands. According to Nielson, “Ninety-two percent of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over […]

10 Habits of Successful People


Rewarding careers, financial security, luxurious vacations, and a close-knit family – all of these things are correlated with most people’s definitions of success. But how can someone achieve it all? The “secret” lies in the daily habits of successful people.  Feeling like there are never enough hours in the day is something all entrepreneurs struggle […]

The Influencer Strategy Mistake That Is Ruining Your Personal Brand

We see them in our feeds all day long: People bragging about their high follower counts and (admittedly) impressive sponsorship deals. But in reality, their influencer strategy is all wrong.  Creating and maintaining your digital empire as an influencer is so much more than just relying on your favorite platforms and a high follower count.  […]

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

When I first transitioned this blog from lifestyle to a coaching platform, I knew marketing myself would be my biggest challenge. Little did I know that the omnichannel marketing approach would save me years of guesswork. Starting a personal brand platform means deciding where you want to present yourself. There’s no denying that your online presence […]

How Your Personal Brand Can Future-Proof Your Career

Your personal brand

Your career relies on one thing and one thing only: your personal brand. Just look at the evidence. Gary Vaynerchuk is 1,000 times more popular than his first company, Wine Library. Today, he has a net worth of over 160 million. The only reason Vaynerchuk is able to maintain that level of success is because […]

How To Find Your Personal Brand Voice

If you’ve spent time, money, and an immense amount of effort into cultivating your brand without first defining your personal brand voice, then you’ll find yourself running in circles wondering why nothing’s working. Finding your brand’s voice is as crucial as your brand itself. Some people may argue that the two are entirely different concepts […]

How Being a Podcast Guest Elevates Your Personal Brand

“Entrepreneur” and “business expert” may be words associated with your personal brand, but adding “podcast guest” to that list introduces a whole new dynamic.  You’ve likely put a ton of work into cultivating your personal brand and it deserves to be shown off.  That’s where public relations come in.  PR and personal branding are two […]