How Startup Founders Can Step Up Their Personal Branding in 6 Steps

Personal Branding for Startup Founders

What is the one thing that successful startup founders have that struggling startups fail to implement? It’s not that they have a strong pitch. Their idea or company isn’t any more innovative than your own. It’s not even their business and marketing plans. Successful startups happen when the founder(s) establish a personal brand. It should go […]

Why Social Media Management is a Key Factor in Personal Branding

social media management

Learn how to leverage social media management to help you boost your personal brand in these 7 steps.   Social media management is going to play an essential role in building your personal brand. When creating your business, personal branding is everything. Your social media pages have the potential to transform your company into a […]

Why CEO Branding is Good for your Company

CEO branding is now more effective for branding and driving visibility for a company than branding the company itself. Consumers are more interested in “buying” from an actual person they “know” such that 71% of surveyed consumers want to do business with companies that align with their values and the embodiment of those values and […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Reinventing Yourself Through Your Personal Brand

reinventing yourself

You’ve worked for so long developing your personal brand, but you’re hitting a plateau in your business. What do you do? This is the perfect time to take a step back and look at your current path and find ways to make it even better moving forward. This downtime will allow you to assess everything […]

Personal Branding 101: How to Start Building Your Brand

Personal Branding 101

You have a personal brand, even though you might not know it, and even if you haven’t already started to cultivate it to work in your favor. Taking control of your personal brand (through personal branding 101) and building it can help you to achieve your goals and dreams in the business world. Letting it […]

10 Personal Branding Tips to Up Your Personal Brand

Branding has become essential in today’s digital world. While just about everyone has heard about branding for businesses, they may not understand why personal branding is equally important. Take a moment to think about what someone might find if they started to look you up on the Internet. What posts and pictures would a prospective […]

Need a Personal Brand Coach? Here Are 5 Personal Branding Myths You Need To Know


As a personal brand coach, I’ve run into a lot of misconceptions about what I do.  Granted, personal branding is a relatively new concept. It wasn’t until the era of YouTubers and influencers that we all began to realize the benefits that transparency and authenticity bring to a brand. That’s what personal branding is all […]

The Competitive LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Accomplished CEOs and Founders


Industry leaders are always talking about the success of B2B and growing their brand. But what they neglect to share is the LinkedIn marketing strategy that helped earn them those results they love to talk about. Social media is a handy tool for building your personal brand, connecting with like-minded professionals, and keeping up with […]

The Key To a Successful Career? It’s All About Your Personal Brand

highest career satisfaction

Would you say that you have a successful career? Or have you simply accomplished a few things? Terina Allen makes a great point in her article when it comes to career success. Many confuse accomplishments like financial stability and titles with being successful. However, if you don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied in your career, you can’t be […]

The Invisible Executive: Here’s Why You’re Not Getting That Work Promotion


You check all the boxes: You’re intelligent, driven, and a team player. But where’s that big work promotion you’ve been angling for? Sure, you’ve spent years with your company, and your bosses have all but said you’re the definition of their ideal employee. That promotion should’ve been knocking on the door months ago, right? Not exactly.  […]