Top 5 Social Media Platforms Every Entrepreneur Needs To Invest In

Top 5 Social Media Platforms Every Entrepreneur Needs To Invest In

We are finally here. We’re talking about the big one— social media. As an entrepreneur, I am heavily invested in multiple social media platforms. It is the bread and butter for most influencers out there. I mean, the fact that there are social media influencers making an entire living off of these platforms should be telling to anyone. There’s some debate as to which are really the top social media platforms, but I think I’ve got it figured out.

Social media for entrepreneurs is vital. There is no getting away from it if you want to be successful. However, every day there seems to be a new platform on the rise that is demanding to be used by anyone who wants to run a business. But from LinkedIn to Snapchat, which ones are really the top 5 social media platforms?

Let me just tell you based on my own experiences.


5. Facebook

Facebook is the site that these other top 5 social media platforms looked to in order to define success. Besides Myspace (R.I.P), Facebook is the first platform that’s main usage was geared towards socially connecting friends and family. It ultimately changed the way we use the internet.

Facebook is still the number one performing social platform in terms of monthly use. Over 2.23 billion monthly active users open their Facebook app on a regular basis. For some reason, Facebook holds the power of addiction and people aren’t ashamed to admit it. That said after major algorithm changes favoring more posts from friends and family over public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses, Facebook only holds the 5th spot.

Notwithstanding, advertising on Facebook, is a very valuable tool for an entrepreneur to raise awareness for their business. I have not found a better way to get in front of an interested audience than using Facebook marketing with it’s targeting abilities.

4. Pinterest

You might be confused by this one, but Pinterest can be such a great way to get the word out about your business. Pinterest is after all a search engine, where people go daily to get answers to questions and guidance on life events. I often turn to Pinterest to find recipes, as well as style and home decor inspiration.   It can get eyes on your content and drive traffic to your website.   Here are some Pinterest stats you might find interesting:

  • 250M people use Pinterest every month and 77.4 M are in the US.
  • 98 percent of users go out and try the ideas they find on Pinterest.
  • 90 percent of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.
  • Pinterest drives 33 percent more traffic than Facebook, proportionately.

Those stats are amazing for cash-strapped entrepreneurs and can reap huge rewards and traffic. That said, it’s important to have a general understanding of the platform before you jump in. One big piece of advice I was given was to make visually pleasing pins, they should be longer than they are wide and to put text on the pins.

3. Instagram

Everyone is familiar with Instagram. Instagram has become the pinnacle when it comes to social media entrepreneurs and influencers. If you don’t have one, you are already behind. Instagram was originally created to host picture-based content, but it has added features that have helped it earn one of the spots for the top 5 social media platforms.

One such feature is the new IGTV. IGTV is a short video-based add-on that Instagram introduced last year. IGTV is a way for people to post videos without needing to spend hours learning the editing skills required to run a successful YouTube channel. One of their best features is probably their Instagram stories, which rendered the use of its competitor, Snapchat, ultimately useless. Now, entrepreneurs can use the same features (and more) that Snapchat has, all on one platform. Through Instagram stories, personal branders like myself can have their own Q&A sessions, play with filters, and even vlog their daily activities.

Instagram is all about aesthetics. By aesthetic, what I mean is that your Instagram feed should have a cohesive look and feel that makes people want to more. More than that, an enduring aesthetic will entice people to click that “Follow” button at the top of your account. People use to do this by applying the same filter to each of their photos. Nowadays, entrepreneurs are taking it a step further by creating a “theme” of three pictures that make up the Instagram grid. If you’re looking into social media for entrepreneurs, Instagram is a mainstay for the top 5 social media platforms.


2. YouTube

I hear it and read it all the time, video content is king. YouTube is a mammoth of a platform for anyone digging into social media for entrepreneurs. YouTube is a video-sharing website that requires a basic knowledge of video editing in order to successfully use it. However, basic editing requires a bit more knowledge and takes some time to master. I have my own YouTube channel where I cover my usual topics of fashion, beauty, and personal branding tips for entrepreneurs. Let me tell you firsthand, that learning to edit was a difficult beast to tame. Not only did I have to learn basic editing, but it’s also important to learn how to make “clickable” thumbnails, incorporate tags, and how to add graphics to the video. All of this took some time to learn, but honestly, it was worth it.

Videos are becoming the norm for anyone producing content, and YouTube is the place to do it. It’s more personable than a written blog post, and your audience is more likely to pay attention to a video than to read the entirety of a blog post. Plus, YouTube can earn you the big bucks. Today’s top YouTube stars like Colleen Ballinger and Lily Singh are garnering earnings in the millions. YouTube has also proven to be an effective marketing tactic for anyone who wants to flourish as an expert and connect with their audience. So there’s no question as to why YouTube is one of the top social media platforms for entrepreneurs.


1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the least social of all social networking sites. In fact, it was never meant to be a social platform.  So why is it my #1 social media platform for entrepreneurs? If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile as an entrepreneur, people will be thinking, “should I take this person seriously?”

LinkedIn is the number one place for professional people to be found. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not on LinkedIn, where have you been???   If you’re looking for professional connections and/or will eventually look for business funding, you must have a full and complete LinkedIn profile with several connections to look legit. I admit that I don’t post to or update my LinkedIn profile regularly, but all of my professional experience, including recommendations from people I’ve worked with, is on my profile.

LinkedIn is a hunting ground for corporate businesses and small entrepreneurs alike to share ideologies and to network. And as of 2019, LinkedIn has 610 million registered members in over 200 countries. That’s a lot of opportunities just waiting to be discovered. LinkedIn also hosts a bevy of features that most other social media platforms don’t possess. For one, you can type original blog posts that can be shared with any of your connections on the platform. You can also repost your blog posts without being dinged for duplicate content.

So there you have my top social media platforms for entrepreneurs based on my experience and what has the most bang for the buck or time.

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