How To Become an Industry Leader

How To Become an Industry Leader

Thought leader, influencer, industry “giants”— there are many terms used to describe an industry leader. Some people come into the position by climbing the ladder (and a little bit of luck), while others make claim this title after carefully crafting their expertise. Today, I’m going to show you how you can do a little bit […]

What is a Personal Brand Consultant?

Personal brand consultant

A few years ago, if I tried to tell you what a personal brand consultant is and what I do, you probably would not get it! Thankfully, the days of capitalizing on a personal brand are here and the term is vastly more celebrated. Now more than ever, I have clients coming to me for […]

Claire Bahn Q&A on Building a Personal Brand

building a personal brand

You asked and I’m here with all the answers! I have quite a few people reach out via DM or my website with questions on building a personal brand. So when I asked you all on Instagram, which questions you wanted to answer the most, these were the top contenders. The topic of personal branding […]