Side Hustle Hacks: Using Your Personal Brand to Build a Better Gig

Side Hustle

A side hustle should complement your personal brand. It should also generate more than capital gains. Build a new company or expand an existing one with side gigs that support your values. Then use my step-by-step process to maximize profits and potential. Side hustle plans can bring additional income and increased brand recognition. The more […]

YouTube Ideas For Personal Brands

youtube for personal brands

Starting a YouTube channel can be intimidating, but coming up with the right YouTube ideas for your personal brand? That’s a whole separate beast.  YouTube has the power to launch your business to its next level. The social platform deserves some serious attention: In 2020, 70% of viewers purchased a product after watching the brand’s […]

Why Personal Branding is the Key To Success in 2021


Do you want to know why your industry colleagues always have press interviews and amazing opportunities coming directly to them and you don’t? It’s because they’ve harnessed their personal branding, and they’re consistent with it.  It takes a lot of work to be a business owner these days. Between developing your product or service, launching […]

How Coronavirus has Highlighted the Need for a Strong Personal Brand Strategy

personal brand strategy

Well, here we are. Who could have predicted that this year we would all be forced out of the office and into our homes because of a novel coronavirus? As someone who was already working from home, I know that I’m fortunate that my life didn’t completely turn upside down. For my fellow entrepreneurs— I […]