How To Become Famous On Social Media

a smiling person pointing at a sign while being recorded for social media

These days, almost everyone is trying to figure out how to become famous on social media. Some people are after this for noble reasons such as wanting to “make a difference” in the world. Others do it for vanity purposes like hitting that 100K follower milestone or getting that coveted blue checkmark. Social media is […]

Reinventing Yourself Through Your Personal Brand

reinventing yourself

Reinventing yourself using a personal brand provides more control over public perception. It can also position your business ahead of the competition. Learn how to use personal branding to your benefit and reinvent yourself the easy way. Here’s how. Reinventing yourself takes guts. You must first recognize the need for change and determine which aspects […]

What Is Brand Activation and What Does It Mean for Your Personal Brand?

brand activation

Brand activation is valuable for any personal brand. It helps create awareness and establish authority in your industry. Target your audience and give them more access to branded products for a longer-lasting impact. Here is how. Brand activation can help boost your personal brand in several ways. Entrepreneurs and established businesses use it to generate […]

How a Connected Client Experience Can Boost Your Personal Branding Strategies

Connected Client Experience

A connected client experience involves confidence, benevolence, and efficiency for maximum impact. Personal branding strategists must discover and deliver highly effective tactics to achieve specific goals. This four-step guide should help you learn the benefits and determine how to create a better connection with clients. A connected client experience benefits everyone. Integrated teams built on […]

Reputation Management vs. Personal Branding: Differences and Importance

reputation management

Reputation management assumes that something went wrong and you need to fix it. However, the public’s perception of you can be fickle, even if you’re at the top of your game. That’s why managing your reputation is crucial regardless of how hard you work. Reputation management plays a critical role in your personal branding strategy. […]

How Startup Founders Can Step Up Their Personal Branding in 6 Steps

Personal Branding for Startup Founders

What is the one thing that successful startup founders have that struggling startups fail to implement? It’s not that they have a strong pitch. Their idea or company isn’t any more innovative than your own. It’s not even their business and marketing plans. Successful startups happen when the founder(s) establish a personal brand. It should go […]

Why Social Media Management is a Key Factor in Personal Branding

social media management

Learn how to leverage social media management to help you boost your personal brand in these 7 steps.   Social media management is going to play an essential role in building your personal brand. When creating your business, personal branding is everything. Your social media pages have the potential to transform your company into a […]

10 Things You Need on Your Personal Brand Website

personal brand website

For most business owners, having a website seems like common sense. But if you’re a startup founder or a service-based entrepreneur, you might be debating on having your own personal brand website. So, how do you decide when you need to build a website that focuses on you? It really depends on where you’re at […]

Why is Personal Branding Important for Your Business and Career?

Why is personal branding important

I’ve run into a ton of entrepreneurs who bring up the question, “Why is personal branding important? My business already has a brand— isn’t that enough?” Well… no. Imagine you’re sitting at home watching Hulu ( or Netflix— whatever your preference). A commercial breaks up the show you’ve been watching and gives you a preview […]

What is Personal Branding and Why You Should Care

what is personal branding

I realized that I’ve talked about personal branding on my blog and Youtube channel, but I always assumed that you knew what I was talking about.  However, many of you have told me that you don’t really know what personal branding is and why it’s important.  So let’s say you’re an entrepreneur, an influencer, or […]