What Are Vanity Metrics?

What are vanity metrics?

So you want more people to recognize your personal brand. I bet that what comes to mind are goals such as: increasing your website traffic, your social media follower count, and even your monthly ad spend. Unfortunately, these are considered vanity metrics, and none of these will help you reach your business goals. These numbers […]

10 Tips to Create a Strong Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategy

Before you start thinking about content creation, your personal brand needs to have its social media marketing strategy established. When it comes to social media platforms, these are your main options: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Tik Tok And with each social media platform, you get to decide which features you’ll utilize: Reels, IGTV, Stories, […]

SEO on Social Media – Claire Bahn Explains Social Media Marketing

SEO on Social Media

Most experienced entrepreneurs are familiar with the term search engine optimizing (SEO). But did you know that there’s also SEO on social media? Implementing SEO offers a free way to market your personal brand and boost your social impression. Many people are probably going to be surprised to learn that SEO works on social platforms […]