Why CEO Branding is Good for your Company

CEO branding is now more effective for branding and driving visibility for a company than branding the company itself. Consumers are more interested in “buying” from an actual person they “know” such that 71% of surveyed consumers want to do business with companies that align with their values and the embodiment of those values and […]

The Invisible Executive: Here’s Why You’re Not Getting That Work Promotion


You check all the boxes: You’re intelligent, driven, and a team player. But where’s that big work promotion you’ve been angling for? Sure, you’ve spent years with your company, and your bosses have all but said you’re the definition of their ideal employee. That promotion should’ve been knocking on the door months ago, right? Not exactly.  […]

Do CEOs need their own personal brand? 5 Tips for Executive Branding

executive branding

Executive branding involves developing a personal brand for CEOs and established executives or business owners. The goal for this type of branding is to get the CEO of a company to the forefront in order to leverage more revenue under the owner’s image and online presence. This type of branding is a little bit more […]