How Do People Make Money On Youtube? 2021 Edition

How Do People Make Money On Youtube? 2021

How do people make money on YouTube in 2020, and is anything going to change next year? With the way the world is right now, I’m willing to bet that YouTube will roll out some huge features in 2021. With Tik Tok hitting 800 million downloads since last year and Instagram’s smorgasbord of new features (Reels, Guides, and SEO […]

How To Be More Confident on Video

How To Be More Confident on Video

I’ve had video confidence since I was a teenager. Back in the day, when my family first bought a video camera (you know, those VHS Panasonic handheld ones), I instantly put myself in front of the lens. Naturally, this love of being on camera pulled me into the wondrous world of acting, where I spent […]

YouTube Channel Setup – 2021 Beginner’s Guide

youtube channel setup

It’s almost 2021 (finally), which means it time for you to go through your YouTube channel setup for your personal brand. Even if you already have a channel, right now is the perfect time to maximize your channel settings to make sure uploading videos to YouTube is not only easy but effective. Youtube is the […]

10 YouTube Tips For Personal Brands

youtube tips

Question for you: what do you think of when you think of YouTube? Because to give you these YouTube tips, we must address any misconceptions you might have about this platform. What started in 2005 as the bedrock of cat and home videos has turned into a $1.65 billion corporation. And whether or not your goal is […]

4 Reasons You NEED Video Content Marketing For Your Personal Brand

video content marketing, claire bahn

You knew this day was coming— video content marketing. You can’t escape it, and once you read the statistics, you’ll want to dive right in. The problem is, video content seems to be universally accepted as the most intimidating type of content to create. It puts you in a vulnerable position, doesn’t it? There are […]