How to Create a Strong Personal Brand on Social Media

personal branding on social media

To successfully create a personal brand on social media, build a brand persona, create a consistent online presence, build relationships and an efficient network, use different social media platforms, and consistently measure your efforts and improve your brand. Personal branding is the process of creating an identity for yourself and promoting it to influence how […]

Personal Branding 101: How to Start Building Your Brand

Personal Branding 101

You have a personal brand, even though you might not know it, and even if you haven’t already started to cultivate it to work in your favor. Taking control of your personal brand (through personal branding 101) and building it can help you to achieve your goals and dreams in the business world. Letting it […]

Copywriting Secrets That Will Improve Your Personal Brand

copywriting secrets

October 20th is National Day on Writing, so what better blog to give you today than my favorite copywriting secrets? Copywriting sounds like a technical word, but it’s not. If you’re a business owner, you use copywriting every. Single. Day. Did you send an email to a client today? That’s copywriting. Have you put together […]

What is the Value of Your Personal Brand?

value of your personal brand

The value of your personal brand is based on one thing: how much you’re willing to commit to it. Having an online presence isn’t easy— in fact, it can be downright exhausting. Let me explain. According to Label Insight, “94% of people claim they are more loyal to a brand that is completely transparent.” We […]

Do CEOs need their own personal brand? 5 Tips for Executive Branding

executive branding

Executive branding involves developing a personal brand for CEOs and established executives or business owners. The goal for this type of branding is to get the CEO of a company to the forefront in order to leverage more revenue under the owner’s image and online presence. This type of branding is a little bit more […]

What Is Real Estate Marketing?

what is real estate marketing

My company, Stratus Branding, frequently works with real estate agents. During an agent’s first private personal branding coaching session with me, this same question always comes up: “What is real estate marketing?” I’m never surprised by this question because a big chunk of that first call is dedicated to explaining how to incorporate your personal […]

6 Amazing Personal Branding Examples to Inspire You

personal branding examples

The importance of your personal brand, from your photos to your written profile(s) to your social media presence, make all the difference when it comes to marketing yourself and your business. Luckily, we put together a list of personal branding examples that are sure to inspire. If you’ve ever wondered where to start, or how […]