10 Habits of Successful People


Rewarding careers, financial security, luxurious vacations, and a close-knit family – all of these things are correlated with most people’s definitions of success. But how can someone achieve it all? The “secret” lies in the daily habits of successful people. 

Feeling like there are never enough hours in the day is something all entrepreneurs struggle with from time to time. It’s even more frustrating to watch other industry leaders achieve a new business goal every other day (I’m looking at you, LinkedIn addicts). 

Everyone has the same number of hours in a day, so why aren’t we all living the high life and checking things off our bucket lists each week? 

It may sound strange, but some of the most influential people attribute their success to their routines. And not just their office routines, but lifestyle routines that prepare them for the non-stop hustle. 

Now, emulating the habits of successful people may not lead to immediate industry leader status. But it will definitely set you up for a future of sustainable success without feeling burnout.

If you’re thinking, “Oh great, more things to add to my to-do list,” I hear you. Remember that much of how we spend our waking hours depends on where our priorities are. If a consistent routine puts you in a better place mentally and professionally, why wouldn’t you make it a top priority? 


Why Are Habits Important for Success?

Just like warming up before a workout or outlining a budget before investing, good daily habits prepare you for a day’s worth of hard work as a business owner. 

So, why are habits important for success? They help to lay an important internal foundation for anyone who has ambitious goals and a ton on their plate. 

Burnout is a hot topic right now – and for good reason. Thought leaders and business owners are notorious for overworking themselves. With to-do lists a mile long and a ticking clock reminding us to put our noses to the grind, burnout seems inevitable, right? 


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Investing energy into constructive routines is direct preventive action against burnout. Adhering to the habits of successful people will guide you one step closer toward achieving those ambitious goals worthy of a humble LinkedIn brag. 

Consistent, positive habits that work well for you can help you set actionable intentions for the day. A clear, focused mind will unlock those supposed extra hours that some of us struggle to find.

10 Daily Habits of Successful People

You may be surprised to learn that many habits of successful people are relatively reasonable and easy to prioritize. With the right intentions and regular mental check-ins, your colleagues will start asking you for your own “secret” to success. 


1. Sleep 8 Hours

Why are habits important for success

We’ve all heard it – 8 hours of restful sleep is essential to living a healthy life. Not only does it give you a clearer mind, but good sleep hygiene can also prevent a number of life-threatening health conditions. 

Getting a full 8 hours is sometimes easier said than done when you’re on the go. And just when you begin to quiet your racing thoughts… your alarm goes off. 

But, if we follow the routines of industry leaders like Oprah or Jeff Bezos, waking up at the crack of dawn isn’t always included in the habits of successful people. That’s right, two of the arguably most influential people on earth are strong advocates against alarm clocks. 

Instead, they choose to wake up naturally. Waking to an alarm triggers stress and adrenaline, setting you up for a day that’s bound to follow a similar motif. 

Studies suggest that earlier risers aren’t necessarily more productive. So be kind to your sleep schedule and ditch the blaring 5 a.m. alarm. 

2. Have a Strict Morning Routine


If you’re going to establish any sort of routine for yourself, make sure it’s in the morning. Starting your day off with a plan sets the momentum for the rest of the day. 

Your morning routine should allow for a bit of self-care and time for reflection. The last thing it should do is stress you out, so make sure you include things you enjoy doing. 

For example, a balanced morning routine could include waking up naturally and jotting down your daily intentions in a journal. Then, a solid workout will get the blood flowing before reaching for a cup of coffee. Afterward, indulging in a skincare routine and taking several minutes to meditate will feel like a restorative spa day before jumping into emails. 

Sticking to a routine like this can help you find the motivation to crush your daily goals and avoid burnout. Be protective of your morning rituals by making sure that, no matter how many emails are waiting, you’ve taken well-deserved time for yourself. 

3. Write Your To-Do List

Daily habits of successful people

Without doing a ton of research, you’ll quickly find that to-do lists are a core element to the habits of successful people. 

The act of physically writing down what you have to get done in a workday is almost therapeutic. It’ll put your mind at ease by seeing your tasks on paper, making it all much more digestible. 

Keep your to-do list short, simple, and – most importantly – realistic. 

Burn out will creep up real fast if you never feel a sense of accomplishment. The “hack” to feeling accomplished is to create attainable daily goals. 

You’re probably not going to get an entire business proposal drafted up in a single day when you have meetings, emails, and a life outside of the office. Instead, divide larger tasks into more manageable segments that can be added to daily to-do lists. 

Do this the day before to eliminate decision-making throughout the following day. You’re giving your future self a plan to commit to, so stick with it. 

4. Hydrate First


Skip reaching for tea or coffee first thing in the morning. Instead, refuel your body with what it really needs after hours of sleep: water.

Your body is dehydrated after a night of restful sleep, so nourish it with water to reinvigorate yourself and initiate productivity. Caffeine has its place, but it’s not the only solution to upping your energy levels. 

If water isn’t an appealing morning drink, add fruit like lemons or raspberries. Personally, I love having a pitcher of flavored water in my refrigerator at all times. It makes for the perfect pick-me-up in the morning, after a workout, and during a midday slump.

Aim to drink the recommended amount of water every day (8 glasses). Maybe it sounds silly, but treating yourself to a fancy water bottle that you don’t mind toting around can really help get those ounces in. 

That’s not to say you need to completely eliminate your favorite tea or coffee from your morning routine. But prioritizing your body’s needs will give your more energy and mental clarity than a venti latte from Starbucks ever will. 


5. Be Self-Aware


Contemplating our life goals, what makes us truly happy, and the direction we want to take our businesses is all a matter of self-awareness. 

Reflecting on the inner self is a profound aspect of the habits of successful people because it allows for honest, genuine intentions. Mindlessly playing the role of aspiring industry leader will lead to a fruitless career and a nagging desire to feel fulfilled. 

Steve Jobs would ask himself this every morning: “If this were my last day, would I want to be doing this?” If you keep answering ‘no’ over and over again, then it’s time to change your path.

Take this as a sign to move into a more fulfilling and successful direction. Start looking for another job, really dig into your side hustle, or make a plan on how you can get that promotion at work (spoiler alert: your personal brand can help with this!)

Daily journaling helps a ton with channeling self-awareness. Don’t be afraid to write it down and meditate on it. 

6. Always Keep Learning


No matter how much you think you know about your business, there will always be more to learn. So set time aside every day to read articles about your industry. 

Stay on top of industry trends to be a part of the ongoing conversations happening between other industry leaders. With technology at our fingertips, you have no excuse not to keep up with your competitors and colleagues. 

All of this is time well spent; I’m not encouraging you to fall into an endless scroll on your social media feeds. Absorb as much as you can and use what you learn to form your own unique perspective that you want to share with your audience. 

Once you’ve got your mind buzzing, develop content around your unique perspective! If what you’ve got to say is timely, jump on TikTok or Instagram Stories and make your thoughts heard. 

A true successful thought leader doesn’t hesitate at the chance to voice their opinion or perspective. 

7. Communicate Often


Being an industry leader doesn’t mean just sharing your own thoughts; it’s also about listening to others and fostering open lines of communication. 

The habits of successful people tend to incorporate a human element. Spending a few hours with a successful person and you’ll learn that they’re very people-oriented, which can go a long way in any industry. 

Always be open to opportunities for networking and collaborations. In many cases, who you know can leverage your personal brand into spaces you may have never considered before. 

A great way to get a jump on networking is to sign up for an event related to your industry. I visited Alt Summit a few years ago and it was one of the most rewarding moments I experienced with my brand!

Be careful who you’re spending all of your time with, though. Putting all of your energy into brushing elbows with other industry leaders might take time away from engaging with your audience and hearing other points of view. 

8. Exercise or Meditate

Habits that make you successful

Nothing is quite as energizing as that post-workout rush – except maybe a few moments of mindful meditation. 

One of the most common habits of successful people is a well-developed sense of health consciousness. Constantly sacrificing your wellbeing to get ahead in your business is toxic and will lead to not only your demise but also your brand’s. 

30 minutes a day of exercise or meditation – or both! – improves your mental clarity and energy. Similar to getting a regular workout in, mindfulness and breathing exercises are proven to reduce stress, too.

Being a strong leader doesn’t mean bossing people around and being on edge 24/7. Take Jeff Weiner for example The LinkedIn CEO writes meditation into his daily schedules; for him, the practice enhances his productivity while also teaching a greater sense of empathy and compassion.

I suggest incorporating a workout and mindfulness into your morning routine. Getting it done early helps to clear up your workday schedule and prepares you for what lies ahead. 

9. Work on Multiple Streams of Income

If you’re marketing your brand through a single social media platform or you’re entirely reliant on one aspect of your business to make money, it’s time to reevaluate. 

Among the most common habits of successful people is the development of multiple streams of income. Yes, that means adding more to your plate, but with a manageable routine, it can be done. 

Successful people don’t put all their eggs in one basket.

They have multiple streams of income, which means they’re finding new ways every day to make money. 

If they’re not learning new ways to make money, they’re nurturing and checking their current income streams every day. Whether that’s checking their stocks, filling orders, touching base with past clients and referrals, creating inbound marketing strategies, etc. 

10. Unplug


Don’t hate me for saying this but… Step away from your phone! 

Wondering where all of that time ran off to? Well, check your daily screentime. Scrolling for hours on end is a total time suck. 

Once you’ve settled in front of your computer and you’re ready to get working, keep your phone at a distance so you aren’t tempted to fall victim to doom scrolling. If you use social media as part of your work, use your computer to navigate these sites instead. 

Another helpful way to keep your screen time in check is to use time restrictions on your apps. iPhones and other third-party time management apps allow for customized time settings for individual app usage. 

Social media is a helpful tool, but it can quickly become your worst enemy if you aren’t mindful of how you’re using it. 


Habits of Successful People— Tangible Tips

Like I said, following these habits of successful people may not lead to a quick 180 of your business, but they do promise immediate gratification in your health, productivity, and happiness. 

Making some of these changes to your daily routine has the potential to take you and your personal brand to an entirely new level. No more feeling stuck in a rut or like you never stop working. So, out of those 10 habits, which ones should you tackle first?

Where To Start: 

1. Communicate often. So, let’s talk! Follow me on social media and I’d be happy to learn more about you, your brand, and what your goals are. 

2. Establish multiple streams of income. A great place to start is on social media sites. YouTubers are at the top of their game right now, so learn how you can also start making money from YouTube content.  

3. Always keep learning. If social media posts and articles about your industry aren’t cutting it for you, join my 5 day Masterclass. 

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